Perry's Motorcycles & Sidecars​​


816 S Sylvania
Ft. Worth TX 76111

We offer to sell bikes/sidecars on 

consignment. Contact us for more

information. 817-877-5900

“Not a whole lot of people here in the Metroplex can lace and true and build a wheel. They don’t teach that anymore.” – Perry Bushong


While growing up on bases around Germany in the 1950’s and early 1960’s owner, Perry Bushong, immersed himself in anything with two wheels. 

This passion for motorcycles grew quickly into a thriving business, and has become a vast resource for motorcycle enthusiasts and other shops across the nation.

With connections and part distributors available online we can get access to parts, and resources to complete any motorcycle or sidecar project. 


Committed to providing excellent service, and professional results to create the motorcycle of your dreams. 


With over 40 years experience specializing in motorcycle and sidecar service we sell and buy bikes nationally and internationally, from Europe to Japan which brings a wide selection to your doorstep.


Restorations & Sidecar Installations for all Brands


Since 1973 Perry's Motorcycles & Sidecars has been specializing in customized restorations, and installations for a variety of motorcycle brands from several eras.